R&D Performance

EG Power,
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Division Year Delivery & Institute Specification Ref.
11.07 ~ 14.06 KERI Localized Electric Vehicles Core Parts Company Promotion Business Success
14.09 ~ 15.04 KAI Ministry of Science
ICT and Future
National IT Promotion Agency
Development of High Definition Infrared Image
Compression and Encrypton Module for Unmanned Aerial Vechicle
14.10 ~ 15.09 Small and Medium
Business Administration
GIS Partial Discharge Measurement Device with
Smartphone Integrating Multi-channel Spectrum Analyzer
15.11 ~ 16.03 Gyeongnam Techno Park Electrical Buzzer Prototype Development for Railway Vehicles Success
16.01 ~ 16.05 Gyeongnam Techno Park Emergency Small ESS (Energy Storage System)
Prototype Development
16.08 ~ 17.02 Gyeongnam Techno Park Aircraft Portable Starting Battery Prototype Development,
Field Difficult Technology Guidance,
Thermal Analysis Support Business
16.07 ~ 16.10 KAI Aircraft Portable Starting Battery Development Success
16.01 ~ 16.12 Korea Railroad
Research Institute
Electrical Window Wiper System for Railroad Vehicles Success
16.08 ~ 17.05 KAI Ministry of Science
ICT and Future
National IT Promotion Agency
Aircraft Engine Start (-32℃) Smart ICT Battery System Development Success
Others 2014 HUONE EO/IR, RAR Image Simulation S/W Complete
2014 FIRSTEC Bottom Detect Analysis S/W Complete
2015 FIRSTEC DO-178B Standard for the FADEC Software Certification Complete
2015 Hyosung GIS PD and Water in oil Gas SW Development Complete