Aviation Business

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Aviation Electronic Field

Aviation Electronic System For Unmanned Helicopter

Aviation Electronic System S/W and H/W

- Possession of design technology for aviation electronic system and FCC (Flight Control Computer)

- Possession of design technology for unmanned aircraft power system

- Possession of controlling steering mechanism (actuator) for unmanned helicopter

- Possession of design technology for redundancy aviation electronic system and power system

Ground Control System (GCS)

- Real time ground control of unmanned airplane and disclosure of flight information

- Control of flight schedule and route, briefing and debriefing befor and after flight, and operation and training control

ⓐ Fixed indoor flight control and control console

ⓑ Portable small ground control system

ⓒ HILS/SILS/PILS system (Hardware/Software/Processor-In-the-Loop Simulator)

ⓓ General-purpose ground flight control system

Unmanned Self-Proplled Drone For Measuring Water Quality

- Development of unmanned self-propelled drone for measuring water quality

- Self-propelled drone + device for measuring water quality + wireless communication device + ground control system (GCS)

- Total Platform