Aviation Business

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Image Processing Field

Image Compressing Device

- HEVC/H.265 Image compressing device of EO/IR Full HD grade for unmanned airplane

- Its compressing efficiency is two times better than that of the conventional AVC/H.264.

- AES or encryption technology is used as it gets the spotlight for the security of Image.

- It provies better resolution in the fields of monitoring and reconnaissance even in the same bit rate.

Augmented Reality Based Flight Control Simulation

- The parallel processing technique using CUDA is used.

- The airplane dash board is made using OpenGL (altimeter, HUD, EHSI and EHSD).

- Realization of 3D moving MAP

- It realizes the augmented reality using infrared camera through the recognition of skeleton

Downside Detecting Analysis

- Downside detecting analysis software made by Agency for Defense Development(ADD) is used.

- Tracking/recognition technology for specific objects by processing the side scan sonar(SSD) signal.

- Adaptive binarization is used.

- Detection of object which is resistant to the change in size and rotation of object.

Measuring of Objects(Measuring of Volume)

- Measuring volume of object using infrared camera.

- The accuracy in measuring volume is 93% or more.