Aviation Business

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Testing Instrument Field

Automatic Inspection And Operation Trainning System Of Flying Object

- Automatic inspection and diagnosis of unmanned aircraft

- Function of ground operation training

- Providing simulation condition for training

Inspection Equipment For Partial Discharge Of Gas Insulated Switchgear

- Diagnose the partial discharge by analyzing the input signal of the analog channel in real time.

- The measured data is transmitted to PDM system for monitoring partial discharge.

- As the international standard protocol is used, the equipment is very interconvertible with other types.

- Convenient use environment and automatic driving support with the correct data and high reliability.

KUH Rotor Blade Defroster

- Operation program for equipment to check the defrosting capacity of heating mat of KUH main rotor blade.

- Heating mat is divided into 5 zones.

- The thermocouple value is monitored for three ranges such as ROOT/MID/TIOP in each zone.

Development Of NI Labview Inspection Equipment

- Labview CLD qualification is acquired.

- Development of digital signal processing application using DAQ is possible.

- Development of control and measuring application is possible.

- Development of inspection equipment based on serial communication is possible.