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DO-178 Consulting

  • What is DO-178?
  • What is DO-178 ?

    - International certification to satisfy avionics software airworthiness requirements

    - Certified by FAA(Federal Aviation Administration)

    - Requested by DAPA and KAI as the mandatory compliance for avionics software airworthiness

DO-178 Activities

  • DO-178 Consulting

    DO-178 Consulting

    - DO-178 certification guideline for the necessary
      parts of each customer

    - How to apply DO-178 compliance according to
      the airworthiness requirements from DAPA

    - Consulting total resolution for DO-178 compliance

    - Training DO-178 guideline and activity

  • DO-178 QA Activity

    DO-178 QA Activity

    - QA activity for DO-178 compliance
      (Co-work with developers)

    - Prepares and helps DER audit(as QA)

  • DO-178 Consulting Result

    DO-178 Consulting Result

      compliance consulting and QA activity

    - Publish the translation of DO-178 compliance guide