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Energy Storage System (ESS)

ESS Concept

Energy Storage System (ESS) allows energy to be stored or accessed exactly When it is required.



    Increase of power production / Enhanced



    Efficiency of distribution and transmission of power

  • GRID


    Quality improvement and cost saving

Battery Management System

It controls the state of battery in real time and transmits the related information to the upper device through
communication part so that it can be used in the optimal condition on the upper device.

- Sensing voltage, temperature and current of the battery

- Protection against over-charging, over-discharging or over-current

- Calculation of correct remaining battery

- Transmission of data of the battery state

ESS Container System Integration

Division Battery PCS Battery + PCS
ESS Battery ESS PCS ESS Battery+PCS
Use Container for Battery Container for PCS Container for Battery + PCS
Capacity 1MW 500kW
Cooling System Intergrated Air-Cooled Unit 2.5kW 2EA Air-Cooled Unit 12kW 1EA
Refreigerant piping None Outdoor Unit installed on the exterior
Heater 800W 4EA None
Composition Rack for BAT 32EA
Rack for control system 1EA
Distribution board 2EA
PCS, Panel for input-output
Rack for control system
Rack for BAT 14EA
PCS, Panel for input-output
Rack for control system
Monitoring Temperature & humidity, Firefighting, Equipment


  • SK Innovation Co., Ltd.

    SK Innovation Co., Ltd.

    - Jeju Island Smart Grid Test Bed ESS Container
      (Gapa Island 42ft 855kWh 1set)

    - Container, Rack, Cooling System,
      Monitoring System etc.

  • LG Chemical (Battery Package)

    LG Chemical (Battery Package)

    - California, USA SCE Wind Park Project

    - Zone-4 earthquake-proof class Rack 600 set

    - Rack and earthquake kit, assembly and installment

  • Korea Electric Power Corp. (PCS Package)

    Korea Electric Power Corp. (PCS Package)

    - West An-Seong Substation

    - Frequency Regulation ESS 12MW

    - Container, Climate & Cooling system,
      Monitoring System